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Summer Programs

Camp Migdal

Camp Migdal is continuing the legacy of Camp Mishkon, which served children with special needs for more than 25 years. The seven week program includes a fully encompassing educational program as well as SLP, OT, PT and Aqua Therapy. The atmosphere in Camp Migdal is filled with joy and a great spirit exuded from the incredibly devoted staff. The campers are constantly encouraged and they feel the unconditional love which further enables their social, educational and overall growth and development.
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Camp Mizmor

Camp Mizmor, evolved in 2017 from the overwhelming need of a place that provides a structured summer program for individuals with special needs. The seven week program includes a fully encompassing educational program as well as vocational training, SLP, OT, PT, Equine and Aqua Therapy. It’s the ultimate adventure in a wilderness environment where individuals experience social and educational growth while improving their daily life skills.
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During the interval between the end of camp and school, families are busy getting their children ready for the new school year. The extra attention required by the child with special needs is stressful for parents, and for siblings who may need more of their parents’ focus at this time. The Camp After Camp Program makes a significant difference to the families and eases the transition home for the children.

Year Round Programs

Support Groups Seminars & Events

Menucha Services offers support groups, seminars, informative resource sessions and social networking events for families away from the stress-filled home environment. Menucha Services arranges entertainment-filled cruises and night events for parents of children with special needs, where they can meet, share experiences, and provide each other with support and friendship.


Menucha’s Weekend Respite Program gives the families a desperately needed breather while their child receives a special weekend filled with fun and everything they love. This enables parents to focus on the other family members and recharge their energy, promoting a healthier family life.
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Our mission is to offer
respite and programs to families
struggling with the challenge of raising a
child with significant disabilities, to enhance
effective parenting, to serve as a center
for implementing new and innovative therapies,
while providing the child with special needs
with comprehensive programs that support
inclusion in the community and foster
independence, enabling each one to
reach a full potential.

Our Goals

TO SUPPORT the inclusion in society of Jewish boys and girls with significant cognitive and physical disabilities.

TO ENHANCE effective parenting and the quality of life at home through partnership, support, and respite services.

TO SERVE as a center for implementing new and innovative therapies and for training professionals in these new therapies.

TO HELP our special children improve their day-to-day lives in an atmosphere of support and love that encourages and enables their positive developments.

TO PROVIDE innovative, high quality, and comprehensive intervention programs, therapies, and behavior modification educational services to children with special needs.

TO OFFER year-round retreats, respite programs and a summer camp, as well as seminars for parents conducted by healthcare professionals

“IN MY YEARS WITH THE AGUDAH, I have come across many children with special needs and their families whose lives have been forever changed by the tireless efforts of Menucha. Their work, providing services to the disabled and offering support and relief to their families, is an inspiration. I have nothing but admiration and respect for Menucha and their accomplishments.”

— Leah Steinberg

Agudath Israel of America
Director of Special Education, Advocacy and Liaison

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